With a vision to integrate design thinking with business strategy to transform businesses and new ventures, I founded The Collective in 2018, a Service Design agency based in Tokyo.

I work with Figma, leading community events, creating content, and onboarding companies as an official ambassador in Japan. Figma, more than just a design tool, represents a fundamental change in the way design can impact business through collaboration. By onboarding product teams to Figma I facilitate streamlined communication and transparency resulting in increased output of teams.

As a Design Ops advocate I enable teams to maximize the effectiveness of design within their business, through a structured approach in implementing Design Ops within their organization. Design Ops is the operational infrastructure that supports high quality, effective design within business at scale.

I have collaborated with as Adobe, Facebook, Dropbox and Lyft and many other design driven companies in creating an original series on the exploring value of Design Ops and the various approaches to implementation, published by Forbes Japan.

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Corey Lee