Corey Lee

Design advocacy @ Figma


👋🏾 I'm Corey,
I'm a multidisciplinary designer based in Tokyo with a focus on DesignOps, and design strategy. Working at the intersection of product design, design strategy and code, I'm passionate about up-leveling teams to reach their design potential.
Currently focused on empowering design orgs at scale as a Designer Advocate @ Figma.

Wanna chat about design? Feel free to reach out or book some time in my calendar.

Speaking & Publications

I enjoy speaking about design maturity, design systems, advocacy, and the future of collaborative work

  • Config 2023 — Figma [EN]

    Intro to Design Maturity

  • Be More 2023 — ADPList [EN]

    Beyond the Pixel: Pushing design forward with advocacy at scale

  • Featured Projects 2023 — Featured Projects [JP]

    The creative potential of Figma / Figmaのクリエティブなポテンシャル

  • Spectrum Tokyo 2023 [JP]

    Designing for Designers / デザイナーのためになるデザイナー

  • Forbes Japan 2019-2020 [JP]

    Design Ops: Maximizing the value of design / デザインの価値を最大化する。海外企業が採用する「Design Ops」とは何か


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