Brand loyalty platform using SmartBeacon technology

Branding + UI Design + Style Guide
ブランディング + UI デザイン + スタイルガイド

Defining Product Values and Brand Style

As a relatively new startup at the time TenTen lacked a clearly defined product philosophy to guide it's product development and design process in the consistent direction. To determine the values that would guide the product going forward I worked with the team to find a common theme among the decisions they had made up until that point of time. I was able to distill the product philosophy down to three core values that represented the goals of the team for their service.

Simple: Genius simplicity of the complex.
Approachable: ease of use for everyone.
Real: Real world interactions.

By establishing clearly defined values, TenTen's product development team was then able to audit their decisions against the defined core values to confirm that each decision they made aligned with their goals and values as a service and brand.

TenTen Design Style Guide

UX Design - Onboarding

Onboarding UX is always a challenge to get right, however solving onboarding for TenTen's service was especially difficult. TenTen's service is centered around an interation between the client app and vending machine communicating via SmartBeacon bluetooth technology. Unlike most apps the user needs to interact not only with the app on their smartphone, but also with the vending machine near them as make a purchase. Using the app, TenTen users are able to collect points via bluetooth connection with the vending machine while purchasing bevarages from TenTen enabled vending machines. Points collected can then be exachanged for rewards within the app, consisting of a wide range of digital content, encouraging purchase loyalty.

Educating the user on basics of this interaction, without overwheliming them with nuances was rather difficult to design for but utimately I was able find the optimum balance by breaking the steps down into chunks of interactions, gradually educating the user on how to use the app, keeping the amount of information in each step to an easily digestable level.

UX Design - Onboarding

UI Design アプリデザイン

iOS App UI Design・iOSアプリデザイン
TenTen iOS App UI Design

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