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Branding + UI Design + Multi-Platform Design System
ブランディング + UI デザイン + デザインシステム

Background プロジェクト背景

元々マイクラPE(マインクラフト Pocket Edition)ユーザーにマルチプレイと音声チャットを可能にするアプリでしたがOshamaru(旧おしゃマル)のユーザー数が急速に増え、 成長が加速するにつれ、コンセプトの範囲を超えてきました。150万人ユーザーを突破、OshamaruがマイクラPE用のマルチプレイサービスからマイクラプレイヤー向けのコミュニティ に転換しました。サービス成長の拡大とコンセプトの転換と共にブランディングを再成立することが必要となりました。これではOshamaruのブランディングを新たにし、 複数プラットフォーム(Web、アプリ、動画など)の対応ができる汎用的なデザインシステムを成立することをプロジェクトの目的にしました。

Originally an app for enabling multiplayer and voice chat functionality for Minecraft Pocket Edition players, Oshamaru quickly gained traction expanding well beyond the scope of it's original functionality. Shifting from providing only multiplayer service to becoming a multiplatform Minecraft community with over 1.5 million users, Oshamaru required a rebranding to re-established itself across the significantly increased scope of the service. The objective of the project was to refresh the Oshamaru brand while creating a design system capable of scaling across all platforms.

Oshamaru Atomic Design Atoms Oshamaruのデザインシステムとブランディングの作成:デザイン要素

Design System デザインシステムの実装

Creating a design system flexible enough to scale across multiple platforms while maintaining consistency was a major challenge. The design system needed to work across iOS, Android, web, and video with the possiblity of additional platforms in the future. To solve this issue I decided to create a design system, according to the principles of Atomic Design, starting from very simple design units such as color, type and iconography, combining those simple units into increasily complex design elements.

Oshamaru Website Design

Multi Platform Design デザインを確かめる

Once we had established the foundations of a design system, we needed to validate that against each property to ensure it was something that could scale. To do this, we focused first on creating design compositions for key areas of each property.
By starting with the core interaction areas of each property we were able to quickly validate that our design system would scale across each platform, with minimal risk time loss if we decided to change direction.

Oshamaru iOS App UIデザイン Oshamaru App UI Design Oshamaru
  • プロジェクト内容ブランディング・UI/UXデザイン・デザインシステム
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